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Puritas Fall League – 2015

Update (July 28):  The 11U Division has one opening for a team.  All other divisions are full.    

Update (July 28):  We are no longer taking player registration in the 10U Division.  We are still taking players in 11U and 12U.

Team and player registration for the 2015 fall league season for Puritas Baseball will begin June 1.  Divisions will be 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U and 14U.  All games will be played at Maplewood Diamonds (located on Cleveland Parkway, off Rocky River Drive, between Puritas and Brookpark, about 1 mile north of Hopkins Airport).  Details are as follows:

Team Registration:   (All divisions). To register a team, the entry fee is $250.  Teams also must pay umpires prior to each game ($43/game x two games every Saturday).  Teams must supply one new game ball per game (2/day).  Teams are also responsible for their own uniforms and equipment.

Player Registration:  (10U, 11U and 12U Divisions only).  Parents can register their child and have the league place them on a team.  The player registration fee is $60 for all age divisions.  This is a one-time fee.  There will be no additional fees with player registration.  The league will supply caps and shirts.

Partial Teams:   (Applies to 10U, 11U and 12U Divisions only).  If you are a manager and have a small group of players who want to play together, but you don’t have enough to assemble an entire team, here is how the registration process for “partial teams” would work:

    *The league would provide you a roster form in which you place the names of your players on that form and return it to the league. Those players would register individually.  They would then automatically be placed on your team when they register.  You would not register as a team. 

     *The league would then fill out the remainder of your roster with other players who are individually registered.  However, you cannot have more than six players on your initial roster.

      *Any manager who has seven or more players will have to find more players and register as a team. 

     *In addition, the league will not honor any requests for individual players to play on a partial team above the six they are permitted.  For example, if you roster six players and they all register, and two additional players then request to play on your team, the requests will not be honored. 

     *Partial teams are considered “Free Agent Teams” and the league will supply their game fees, equipment, game balls and a uniform shirt and cap.   

The deadline to register a team or player is August 1.  However, if a division or player spots fill up prior to that date, registration may close early.  This page will be updated with that information on a regular basis.

 There are two ways to register:

Mail Registration:  You can register a team or player by mail by clicking on the “Mail Registration” tab at the top of this page.  Just fill out the form and mail it to the address on the form along with the payment.  Payment must be made in full at the time of registration.  Make checks payable to Puritas Baseball. 

No Online Registration available.

Teams and players can register in the division they played in during the 2015 summer season (birth date cutoff is May 1, 2015).  Or, they may choose to play up a division.   

Season runs from August 15 through October 17.  No games Labor Day weekend.  Teams will play a doubleheader every Saturday at either 10:00 & 12:30 or 2:30 & 5:00.  Teams will play between 16-20 games.

There will be a limit of 8 teams in the 10U, 11U and 12U teams. 

Due to limited field availability, there will be a limit of 5 teams in the 13U and 14U divisions. 

We can no longer take player requests for 13U & 14U players looking for teams. 

For further details, feel free to e-mail us at pbbl2002@aol.com.  Or, call Tom Burke at 216-862-7618.

























Puritas Baseball Fall League Rules and Policies

The rules of Major League Baseball will be applied except in the following cases:

All games will be seven innings in length.

Teams may play with eight players.

There is a 10 minute grace period from the scheduled start of the game to avoid a forfeit. If a team has only eight players at game time, the game will begin.

Any player showing up after the start of the game may only be added to the bottom of the lineup.

The mercy rule will be 10 runs after 5 innings, or 15 runs after 4 innings. 

Time Limit: No new inning may start two hours after actual game starting time.  

An official game is 4 innings. (3 ˝ if the home team is ahead). 

A game that is called due to darkness or weather that is not official, will be made up and started over in its entirety. Games called due to time limit will be considered official regardless of number of innings played.

Official games that end in a tie will have a tie as the game’s final result.  If a game ends in a tie after 7 innings and there is still time within the time limit, the game will continue until there is a winner or the time limit is met.

Managers may choose to use a continuous lineup with free substitution.  The manager must inform the manager of the opposing team if doing so.  If one team decides to use a continuous lineup, the opposing coach is not required to do so. Teams can use free substitution only when using a continuous lineup.  Normal Major League pitching rules still apply.

*       Any pitcher removed from the game defensively may not return as a pitcher, but is eligible to return to any other defensive position. If a pitcher is moved from pitcher and immediately plays another defensive position, he is still eligible to return as a pitcher. A pitcher placed as an AH is considered to have left the game defensively. However, if a pitcher is removed from that position as a result of a defensive conference, he is ineligible to return as a pitcher.

There is no limit on innings pitched by a player.

 If not using a continuing lineup:

Teams may choose to use an Additional Hitter (AH).  The AH can enter the field.

Starters can re-enter the game once, in their original spot in the batting order and can re-enter at any defensive position or AH.  When a starter re-enters, the original substitute may not re-enter and cannot stay in the game.  No free substitution.

Metal cleats are permitted in the 13 and 14 & Under divisions ONLY.

There are no bat limits.

There is no Courtesy Runner permitted.

There will be one balk warning per pitcher in the 10, 11 and 12 & Under divisions.  No balk warning in the 13 and 14 & Under divisions.

There is no “slide or give up rule. However, there is a malicious contact rule. If, in the judgment of the umpire, a runner deliberately makes contact with a fielder with the intention of possible injury or jarring the ball loose, the runner is out. If the umpire feels the contact was flagrant, the runner will be ejected. If there is a safe and legal slide and there is contact, there is no penalty for the runner.

Teams are responsible for paying the umpire fee of $43 per game. (2 umpires/$43 each).  

Each team must supply a new game ball.  Game balls must be a travel or high school quality game ball.  Most Rawlings, Wilson or Diamond balls are acceptable.

Any team forfeiting at the game will be responsible for both team’s umpire fees.  If a manager notifies the league commissioner within 24 hours of their game that they will not have enough players, they will not be responsible for any umpire fees. 

Standings will be kept on a point basis:

Win + 5 points; Tie + 2 Points; Loss + 1 Point; forfeit; -3 points.