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To register, go back to the home page and click on the "Travel Lg. Registration" tab.

The teams listed below have all registered for Puritas Baseball and completed all their financial and administrative commitments

to the league for the 2016 season.

Updated November 8

Team Name Manager Name Division/Level
Fairview Warriors Chad Reis 10/AAA
Parma Warriors Dwayne Kessie 10/AA 
Berea Titans Mike Zahorchak 10/AA
Hitmen Vince Petrucelli 10/AA
Rocky River Bucs Tim Clark 11/AA
Parma Warriors Dwayne Kessie 11/AA
Lumberjacks Matt Suhay 11/AA
Bay Village Pirates Matt Ospelt 11/AA
Hurricanes Tom Nock 11/AA
Stallions BC (White) Ken VanHove 12/AAA
Final Score Heat Baseball Zeno Regas 12/AAA
Northern Ohio Hurricanes Chris Bach 12/AA 
Parma Warriors Dwayne Kessie 12/AA
Lumberjacks Matt Suhay 12/AA
T3 Rays Scott McKinley 13/AAA
Avon Crushers Saxton 13/AAA
Lumberjacks Chris Hamer-Huber 13/AAA
Premier Ohio Sy Mougrabi 13/AAA
Cyclones Marty Socha 13/AAA
Rocky River Bucs Tim Clark 13/AA 
Fairview Warriors Paul Hollander 13/AA
Parma Warriors Dwayne Kessie 13/AA
Patriots Mike Wrost 14U
Northern Ohio Warriors Walter Min 14U